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We are committed to creating a safe and fun environment for your sons to grow as student-athletes and learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. Contact any Board member if you have specific questions.


Secure online registration will allow you to complete all the required paperwork for your student-athlete to participate in Hawks Lacrosse. 


2022 Registration

2022 Registration will be posted January 2022.

7/8th-Grade Gear

We will loan gear to all 7th-graders who need it and any remaining gear will be loaned to 8th-graders. 5/6th-grade gear deal below is also available to 7th and 8th-graders.

5/6th-Grade Gear

We don't have any gear to loan to 5/6th-graders so you'll need to supply your own by purchasing new or used, or borrowing.

If you purchase the Maverick starter lacrosse equipment package from Lacrosse Unlimited (CPV-R white shell silver grill helmet: free shipping); with sick or without stick we'll purchase it from you at the end of the season for 80% of the purchase cost, not including tax, if your son decides not to play lacrosse the following year. 

Contact Lacrosse Unlimited staff (1.877.800.5850 x3) with sizing questions. Feedback on these started gear packages is that sizes run small.

This gear purchase is in addition to the registration fee.

GROUP TEXTS (7/8th grade)

Send the MESSAGE:   @lacrosse78
TO:   81010  
to be added to the 7/8th grade group text distribution.

Android devices may have to use TO: (202) 601-4827

GROUP TEXTS (5/6th grade)

Send the MESSAGE:   @g298g9
TO:   81010 
to be added to the 5/6th grade group text distribution.

 Android devices may have to use TO: (202) 601-4827

Online signup.